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Intro to Coding

For kids 7-13 years old

You love to play games and you use electronic gadgets every day. What does Alexa, your Fitbit and Minecraft all have in common? CODE! You can become a coder in just 7
days! Let’s learn how we can use code to:
  • create emojis,
  • play a song,
  • design a counter and
  • make a game!


Taught by: Leah Martin


For the older ones aged 14-19 years old

Coding with Python is a practical introduction to the Python programming language, which is used by leading tech companies like Instagram, Facebook, and Amazon. The projects in the course are aimed at getting students to program in Python with confidence. Students will learn about variables, operators, control flow constructs, computer graphics, and object-oriented programming concepts such as classes and objects. In this course students will:

  • Develop their programming skills
  • Create quiz games
  • Create art and animations
  • Add a new employable skill to their resume!


Taught by Antonio Yearwood